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I think he comes out of a profession
Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:33pm

before his government job, that doesn't have a correct understanding about respecting women. In his case, maybe he thought harassment was only the more serious stuff. Many men who don't consider themselves abusive, and probably don't feel abusive at all, have been raised in a culture where people accept the 'lesser' of the evils.

Many women have traveled to Italy and had their bottoms pinched by men whose culture considered that a compliment. Among some, that kind of mindset still exists in this country, that women should be complimented by any attention that a man chooses to give them. And to complicate matters, there are women who have bought into that, and who don't understand that large outcry.

In my family and among our friends, it was not considered respectful even to comment about a woman's physical features, except for a casual remark of someone's general attractive appearance. But no getting specific and no putting a woman in the position of having to respond to such remarks. Because of that, I was always very reactive when things like that happened, one young man finding himself at the foot of some marble steps because he was behind me when he chose to be 'cute', and one good swing through him to the floor. We were friends and he was shocked; we remained friends and he treated me respectfully from then on.

All that to say, we don't even have a common understanding in this country about what sexual harassment is, and given the absolutely foul culture from Hollywood and the entertainment community in general, I would be very surprised if there could be a consensus on the matter. It will be interesting as the topic continues to occupy the headlines.

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