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3-D printing devices commonly available cannot produce guns
Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:42pm

that actually work. Their accuracy is just not sufficient. Tolerances need to be ten-thousandths of inches.

Also, commonly available 3-D printers cannot handle high melting point metals which are required for the most critical parts, barrels and breech blocks, bolts, etc.

One more thing. Attempting to 3-D print a gun barrel or breech block would produce a porous product that would shatter upon the first shot. These objects must handle pressures in the thousands of atmospheres. These parts must be MACHINED out of solid metal.

Of course, there are machine tools that can make such parts from programmed instructions, but these are not going to be commonly used because of their great expense and large size.

The microcephalic schmucks on the State court said that the First Amendment did not permit "weapons of war".

The Second Amendment was written in part to provide a militia of armed citizens to defend the State. From what? Penguins?

No, from an invading army.

Also, I have heard the pea-brains say that the Second Amendment meant to permit muzzle loading muskets.

If your State is being invaded, you need, at the very least, the same kind of weapons that the invaders have.

I am disappointed that supposed "jurists" cannot understand the Second Amendment's meaning and purpose.


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    • 3-D printing devices commonly available cannot produce guns ~ DFM, Mon Nov 27 5:42pm
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