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Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:02pm

Thus my use of "on the way."

I definitely understand the challenges (I'm pretty serious about shooting, reload my own ammunition for my long-range rifles, etc.) involved in "homebrew" firearms. I don't imagine the barels and'/or breech blocks will be fabricated in this manner for a very long time to come, if ever. ANd yes, hammer-forging (the method used to make the majority of barrels, iirc) isn't something people are going to do at home.They can't do decent springs, either. It's so much of the rest of the weapon that 3D printing makes easy...even including things like AR upper and lower receivers, etc.

However, there are also literally millions of barrels already in circulation, and the machining required to adapt them to other designs isn't nearly as difficult to accomplish (people in places with far less access to decent machine tools have made pretty damn good AK-47 clones for decades).

And yes, the 2nd Am is in fact mostly about "weapons of war." Those peoples' historical ignorance is nauseating.

  • that actually work. Their accuracy is just not sufficient. Tolerances need to be ten-thousandths of inches. Also, commonly available 3-D printers cannot handle high melting point metals which are... more
    • Not at all... I think you don't realize ~ Sprout, Tue Nov 28 7:23am
      that you don't have to 3D print every single component... Just one. The receiver. All the rest of the components are just parts and are not regulated. And that one does not necessarily require those... more
    • Not yet. ~ Poppet, Mon Nov 27 7:02pm
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