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Here Is Leftist Stupidity At a New Level
Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:10pm


    • I'd be curious what verbal techniques ~ Sprout, Tue Nov 28 7:15am
      he plans to use to 'talk' the criminal out of raping the homeowners wife... IMO it is a silly idealist fantasy that no one is responsible for their own actions. That the only POSSIBLE reason the... more
      • victims of society. Some of us maybe more victimized than others. I'm not saying that society doesn't have an impact, but as long as we have the freedom to choose, we can choose to behave honorably.
        • Zero meters drill sergeant!!! Everyone falls down. Everyone finds themselves facing challenges. Yes, some of us more than others. But IMO the real measure of a person is how they RESPOND to those... more
          • True Dat! ~ TW, Tue Nov 28 10:23am
            Plenty have made it out of poor and miserable beginnings to become something much more. It is certainly no "life sentence". At least in this and most modern countries. As you state, it's the way they ... more
    • ...because that person he wants to talk to is going to be the one that kills his stupid DUMocrat ass.
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