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At the pack/tribe level I agree...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:35am

I hunt to feed the tribe and others can see that.

Others gather to feed the tribe and I can SEE that.

Others watch my children while I hunt and my wife gathers an I can see that.

Others weave the skins of the animals I kill into clothing and I can see that.

We cooperate not only because we need each other, but because we can SEE that we need each other.

And perhaps even more importantly, while I can DIRECTLY see the others supporting MY needs, all of those others can see me supporting their needs... OR FAILING TO DO SO. And those failing to participate in supporting the groups needs can be ostracized or killed.

IMO we simply are not equipped psychologically to SEE the entire species as our tribe/pack regardless of how some idealists CLAIM that they can.

And once the social group gets big enough that individuals gain ANONYMNITY, there is no longer the same incentive to produce, or disincentive to fail to produce.

If I can go out into the woods each day and sleep under the trees and NOT hunt, and come home and eat the food provided by others, why would I hunt? In the environment that we actually evolved in I could not GET AWAY with not hunting. In a 'modern' society I can.

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