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When you have incongruity you are virtually guaranteed
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:07am

to have problems. You cannot have a hyper-sexualized society and then expect people to not behave in a hyper-sexualized manner.

You are chumming the sexual waters and then expecting the sharks to remain calm. It's akin to walking down long dark allies, in the bad part of a city, with $100 bills hanging out of your pocket, and expecting to emerge unmolested. The law-abiding and righteous will leave you alone, but not everybody fits the description. Ever hear of temptation? Many succumb to the allure of power, money, and sex. They always have and always will.

Sex is one of man's strongest innate animal-like instincts. Think not. Look at all the hoopla currently surrounding the matter. Look at the history of mankind and see how many it has brought down. Look at how many it brings down today.

Consent? The world is chock full of people not giving their consent to be robbed, raped, attacked, murdered, or otherwise molested. The best strategy is to avoid not becoming an easy target. That and try to evolve a culture that's evolving instead of devolving into primitives.

Your desire is along the lines of hope and change. It ignores human proclivities and human history. It's way too thin on the delivery of the desired outcome.

  • I'm Not Sure There's A There There... ~ Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 9:37am
    Why can't there be both? The issue is people who do not understand where the line is drawn. People who do not understand consent. If a person decides that they want to take part in an activity that... more
    • This mentality infuriates me. ~ shadow, Tue Nov 28 12:58pm
      It's women who say "I can do what I want, but men can't". That's what it boils down to. It is selfish. For society to live cooperatively, it requires some unselfishness, not the claiming of every... more
      • Trying To Understand Your Point Of View... ~ Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 1:54pm
        This mentality infuriates me. I was initially not sure which mentality you were referring to, but I think you mean my position in general as expressed in my post. It's women who say "I can do what I... more
      • strikes the kind of chord you are hoping to play here was from either an Ann Landers column or a Dear Abby column of at least 40 years ago. At least that's where I think I picked it up. The question... more
    • When you have incongruity you are virtually guaranteed ~ TW, Tue Nov 28 10:07am
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