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Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:36pm

Reuter’s Top News…..13m
Watch: President Donald Trump’s drive to overhaul the U.S. tax code heads toward a new drama in the Senate

The Hill…..15m
White House after Dems pull out of meeting with Trump: Stop the political grandstanding

Mark Simone…..15h
You're supposed to believe that American Indians are really offended by the Disney movie Pocahontas, but are just fine with the very white elitist Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a fake Indian to get a job someone else was entitled to.

Judge Roy Moore……4h
Good morning, Alabama!

Day 14 of attorney Gloria Allred's refusal to turn over her fake yearbook for third party examination.


Deplorable Media…..18h
Reminder: If you mock a white women who pretended to be Native American so she could defraud a University and advance her career by calling her #Pocahontas , then you are racist.

#The Persistence…..7h
People like Luis Gutierrez & Keith Olbermann, rabid liberals, don't just randomly retire.

Something big is happening.
#TuesdayThoughts #KeithOlbermann

Imus In The Morning…..38m
First, there was Sid and Nancy, a film about a pair of really nauseating individuals. Now, remade as Chuck and Nancy. #ChuckAndNancy @realDonaldTrump @POTUS

Phil Elliott…..33m
Scoop from @m_rhodan: 223 women sign a #metoo letter — from within the national security corps of the U.S. government

Voice of Europe……5h
Japan accepted only 3 refugees in six months and won’t change its migration policy

Educating Liberals…..52m
Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi pulled out of the White House budget meeting with Trump.

I say each time someone walks out they should have their pay get cut. If I walked out of my job every time I didn’t like something, I wouldn’t get paid, or I’d be fired.

The Hill…..26m
Russians intercept US Navy plane, causing "violent turbulence"

Dan Bongino……1m
Dan Bongino Retweeted The Hill
Solid. Let’s get this done.
Dan Bongino added,

The Hill
Verified account

Pence: Trump "actively considering" moving US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

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