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One that's stuck with me from the past that
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:19pm

strikes the kind of chord you are hoping to play here was from either an Ann Landers column or a Dear Abby column of at least 40 years ago. At least that's where I think I picked it up.

The question a female reader was asking was something along the lines of how close should a man and woman stand when dancing. Her answer was:

Close enough so the he knows you are a woman and far enough away to know you are a lady.

  • This mentality infuriates me. ~ shadow, Tue Nov 28 12:58pm
    It's women who say "I can do what I want, but men can't". That's what it boils down to. It is selfish. For society to live cooperatively, it requires some unselfishness, not the claiming of every... more
    • Trying To Understand Your Point Of View... ~ Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 1:54pm
      This mentality infuriates me. I was initially not sure which mentality you were referring to, but I think you mean my position in general as expressed in my post. It's women who say "I can do what I... more
    • One that's stuck with me from the past that ~ TW, Tue Nov 28 1:19pm
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