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Night Tweets....
Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:25pm

Dana Loesch……3h
Elizabeth Warren getting a pass for appropriating an entire ethnicity for professional advancement is the definition of “white privilege.”

Fox News…..16m
.@SebGorka: "If you're a tinpot bully like the regime in North Korea and Little Kim [Jong Un], then sooner or later you will pay for your threats." #Hannity

Tucker Carlson…..2h
Why is the fate of Dreamers so important to political leaders when we have the middle class dying younger, Americans sleeping on the street and a growing drug epidemic? #Tucker @FoxNews

The Hill…..14m
JUST IN: Trump is confident that Mueller probe will be over by the end of the year: report

Jacob Wohl……5h
When Mick Mulvaney gets into the CFPB and exposes the massive scheme that Elizabeth Warren and Richard Cordray engaged in, Pocahontas will be forced to resign

“If folks are at home wondering ‘Why did Donald Trump win in 2016,’ the simplest and most direct answer is because working men and women have been left behind by the economy." - Republican Sen. Ted Cruz #TaxDebate

Ari Fleischer……1h
Ari Fleischer Retweeted Blake Hounshell
Come on Blake. You know the answer. The Ds will filibuster all the spending bills. Rs don’t “control” and you know better.
Ari Fleischer added,
Blake Hounshell
Verified account
Republicans control every branch of government. What do they need Democrats for?

Brit Hume……9m
Brit Hume Retweeted Fox News
Better idea. Have the on-air people stay away but let the technicians and other less known staff get a chance to take family to WH & meet the Pres and First Lady. That party is a nice event no matter’s who’s president
Brit Hume added,
Fox News
Verified account

.@CNN boycotting @WhiteHouse Christmas party for media — via @MRichardson713

The Hill……6m
Canadian man pleads guilty to charges in massive Yahoo hack

375 million jobs may be automated by 2030, a study suggests

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