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MARS is a relatively user-friendly planet.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:05am

If this was not a now-obvious fact, the ground vehicles my tax dollars sent to that butterscotch colored planet would have died long ago. Their life expectancy has supposedly surprised NASA. From what was suppose to last weeks or a month or two according to NASA, have operated, are operating, for years. Odd. And they remain clean and free of dust. Otherwise the solar panels would cease to provide energy. I ask you, have you taken the time to watch, look and listen, to those highly intelligent individuals who have the videos, who are obviously experts in removing some of the "noise" NASA uses to 'airbrush' out or morph into supposed " rocks?" No, of course not. Or if you have, it's been a quick look-see without giving it a full attention from minute one until the very last drop of "my god, what the he'll is that, or those, or it. "Normalcy-bias" is a disease. Obviously you are not well. Perhaps a sojourn into a separate reality where truth is stranger than fiction, a mimic of disproportionate shock, would knock your blinders off and allow in the fresh air of MARTIAN history now a junk yard of things blown to pieces. Frankly, the place ought to be declared an archaeological worlds' heritage site. And that is precisely why NASA is there....not to find microbial life. That they already know is on Mars. Nay, those rovers are there to send back the images of a dead civilization, one set live streamed to NASA. The other sets are the debased blurry pics we get to go blind over trying to see through the deliberate fuzzy haze thrown up as " landscape."

  • Mars is populated you know? ~ TW, Wed Nov 29 8:49am
    I'm amazed at how the "powers that be" have managed to convince or coerce, every astronomer in the world, both amateur and professional, to keep these facts hidden from all the rest of us average... more
    • MARS is a relatively user-friendly planet. ~ PH🤓🤓EY, Wed Nov 29 10:05am
      • And the simple questions always are problematic for your ilk ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Wed Nov 29 10:36am
        What possible reason would anyone have for covering up evidence of past life on Mars? We spend billions of dollars trying to find that evidence, and now you and your cadre of retards want to tell us... more
        • LOLS🤓🤓 ~ PH😂😂EY, Wed Nov 29 10:57am
          That's what YOU think. And so do millions of other robots like you. And who is WE? Do you work at NASA? If not, then what do you know?... NOTHING! Except what you bought as an assumption that is... more
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