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Thank YOU for MY morning guffaw😀😀
Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:02pm

I answered you down below in the "assumption" clutter you posted. And stop your insults. The phrase "dazzle me.." Is a fine example of your arrogance. "Anyone?" It's not about any one, it's about taxpayer funded government agencies that are a major component of a military-industrial matrix. Dr. Levin has already proven with Viking there is microbial life on Mars. NASA has this but refuses to publicly accept the finding. Why don't you ask NASA your question? Mars, The Living Planet is a great read with wonderful color plates of the seasonal changes on Mars, green fluctuations by season just as on earth. NASA knows this. So, the "task" to which you refer is THEIR cover story. They did not send up any of those "rovers" to look for microbial life. So disabuse your mundane brain from said brainwashing. Those rovers are there to discover what they already knew from earlier missions......ruins. NASA wants the images and the knowledge. Merely because you are not privey to inside knowledge is no reason to attack others not at NASA who are exposing the scam. Indeed, clearly you are way out of the loop. I bet your computer skills are way lacking compared to this guy I present as one of the de-blurrers. Flipping hamburgers is easy but putting on the cheese might be toooo much for you.

  • OK, answer the simple question: WHY????? ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Wed Nov 29 10:42am
    Why would ANYONE want to cover up proof of ancient life on Mars when they have been specifically tasked to try to find it? C'mon, dazzle me with your intellect and answer that one simple question.
    • Thank YOU for MY morning guffaw😀😀 ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Wed Nov 29 12:02pm
      • You STILL haven't answered the question. WHY? ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Wed Nov 29 12:05pm
        So far, you have done your usual word salad, saying absolutely nothing at all. NASA, and every other established scientific organization would get BILLIONS of more dollars in their budgets if there... more
        • Has it occurred to you ~ PH👹🚀EY, Wed Nov 29 12:23pm
          that there are entire religions, philosophies, sciences, and governances, long established as the foundation of human reality upon which we have built our house of faith and evolution, ALL... more
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