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That Lord Acton Knew What He Was Talking About
Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:20pm

We are seeing even more undeniable evidence as Donald Trump was exposed as an abuser of power but the College of Electors nevertheless elected him.

Now President Trump proudly defends and endorses another abuser of power, Roy Moore.

Meanwhile many Republicans state in no uncertain terms that they will vote for Moore even though they think he is guilty.

Just as they voted for Trump.

The Framers made a subtle but profound misstep:

Jus' sayin'.

  • Lord Acton was right. ~ Eleanor, Wed Nov 29 6:33pm
    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We are seeing more undeniable evidence as Weinstein, Franken, and now Lauer have been exposed as abusers of power. Bill Clinton set... more
    • Stardom in Acton --- ~ Ted, Thu Nov 30 12:00pm Just like the grub that wriggles to the top of the mass I'm the first to get hooked Just like the stub of that long cigarette full of hash I'm the last to... more
    • That Lord Acton Knew What He Was Talking About ~ Merlin, Wed Nov 29 7:20pm
      • Show us where Trump proudly defends and endorses Moore ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 29 9:31pm
        You are just another voice of fake news.
      • Yes, indeed. ~ Eleanor, Wed Nov 29 7:42pm
        And our framers despised all authoritarians, including people like Trump, Obama, and the Clintons. As an interesting side note, the abusers in the private sector are dealt with swiftly and... more
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