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It all revolves around the simple fact that Carbon Dioxide
Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:41pm

1. A very weak greenhouse gas compared to water vapor;
2. present at about 1/2% (1/200) the concentration of water vapor;

Hence, the effects of carbon dioxide are swamped by the effects of steam (water vapor).

We should be much more worried about the humidity than the carbon dioxide.

Here is empirical proof that EVERYONE knows first hand:

On a summer night with low humidity, the temperature plummets after sundown, typically dropping by 20 degrees F.
On a summer night with high humidity, the temperature barely changes after sundown, dropping only about 5 degrees F.
(Temperature drop depends on where you are and what the humidity is, along with soil heat capacity.)

We have ALL PERSONALLY experienced this. The effect is overwhelming and unambiguous.


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