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Mondo Fuego™
You would think Buckingham Palace would be having ...
Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:27pm

... a conniption fit.

After all, before Charlie and Diana were allowed to marry, The Royal Family insisted on a medical exam to verify that Diana was a virgin.

Now, 3 or so decades later, it's OK for Harry to marry a bi-racial divorced Hollywoodie?

What's with that? Did the old Qwain have an epiphany?

    • date and should be abolished. UK needs to be superseded by the UR = United Republic. No royalty. No nobility. No knighthood. No more kings or queen, no more dukes, duchesses, earls, countesses,... more
    • Interesting..... ~ Deanna, Wed Nov 29 9:53pm
      I have thought of that also.....:) But, maybe it is a "new day" and a "new way" shall be interesting to watch if they get to the wedding and what takes place....??? :)
      • After marrying "horse face" ~ PH👧🏽👧🏽EY, Thu Nov 30 7:54am
        Charles and the Queen are in no position to be complaining about how beautiful is black. Diana knocked over a few impediments. And Harry is rumored to be William's half brother.
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