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Tell you Mom to get out now!!!!! (nm)
Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:55am

  • Time to sell ~ Tell it like it is, Thu Nov 30 10:38am
    Over inflated stocks not any good you should realize that after your losser Bush wrecked the economy. It took a Democrat to fix his mess
    • Tell you Mom to get out now!!!!! (nm) ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Nov 30 11:55am
    • Go for it ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Thu Nov 30 10:45am
      But...where do you put it now? That has always been my problem. There are two reasons for selling. 1. You need the money to buy something. That's certainly legit. 2. There are better opportunities... more
      • Gold bullion ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 30 2:18pm
        Buy on eBay. Look for the deals that pay eBay Bucks (French & Swiss 20 francs). Wait for 8-10% eBay Bucks promos. Gold is good for long term. Today spot $1277+. You can get a 3% buy/sell spread, and... more
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