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Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:04pm (XFF:

Yeah, right.

There are detailed reviews coming out now that do more than look just at rates. They look at deductions. They look at the interactions of various aspects of the bills (like how the parts that will maim the ACA will impact household income, for example).

The consensus of the non-partisan reviews is that this "tax reform" shovels money at the rich, and takes it from the middle class. It also has a series of side consequences that will be devastating, if it is passed.

I doubt that the Senate will pass it. Not just in consideration of the Senate version, but because the Senators who have reservations understand that if they get concessions into their version of the bill, there's no guarantee those concessions would survive reconciliation. They will look at what the House passed and they'll turn down the Senate bill, knowing that it's too dangerous to do this in the way that it's being done.

I may be wrong. I will be watching the coverage of the Senate with interest. The bill as originally offered seemed designed to fail. It had provisions built in that seemed to guarantee a handful of Republican senators would vote against it.

We will see how it comes out.


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