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Mondo Fuego™
You have no choice ...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:34pm

... our board will eat you alive if you publish BS.

We all know Fox is slanted towards business, capitalism and conservatism. But, Fox News and Fox Business News deliver a cleaner and more truthful product than any other major news source.

There's a difference between hard news (e.g., the DJIA closed today at over $24K), and an opinion/talk show (e.g., Hannity). It's easy to verify hard news because most all sources report the same basic thing, although each source may add a bit of editorialization. For example, some sources may be more exuberant over the DJIA closing above $24K than others, and some will add that it will continue to rise, whereas others may add that a bust is imminent.

Where the news gets fuzzy is over issues like the current tax bill. Conservatives are almost uniformly behind the tax reform plan. Democrats are saying it will add to the deficit, yet while Obama was in office, the deficit added $10 trillion to the national debt, so that's a bit hypocritical. The differences are more a function of political leaning than hard fact. We usually don't know the outcome until much later because the outcome is never guaranteed and is greatly affected by unforeseen occurrences along the way, and even then, people disagree over their interpretations of the outcomes.

Then, there are instances of outright deception and dishonesty. An objective analysis would find that MSNBC and WaPo are routinely far more dishonest than other sources because they place their liberal slant over their honesty.

My interests are primarily in business matters, and FBN far outperforms Bloomberg and CNBC in terms of content, presentation and analysis.

When it comes to world news, I rely more on news alerts from multiple sources over the Internet, including Fox, CNN, NBC, WaPo and many others. These short-and-to-the-point news feeds are generally more objective and devoid of political BS than TV-based sources, and I get the news a lot quicker, usually minutes to hours before it hits TV MSM.

The fact is that there is not enough hard news to fill each MSM outlet on a 24/7 basis, so most of the time is devoted to editorialization, opinion, and, of course, advertisements. Idle hands (and idle TV hours) are the workshop of the devil.

BTW, the ads are dishonest too. Omaha Steaks should be prosecuted for false advertising ... the actual product looks nothing like the TV ads. The drug ads are nauseating and misleading. And, the guy who says silver (currently ~ $17/ounce) will go to $200/ounce is the ultimate huckster.

  • You Are Correct - My Mistake... ~ Amadeus, Thu Nov 30 2:16pm
    I had read the piece in two separate locations, and had not fact checked it. I checked it on snopes and discovered that you are, indeed, correct. The claim that I saw and repeated was wrong in... more
    • You have no choice ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 30 4:34pm
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