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It didn't take 8 years to "save it". (nm)
Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:01pm

  • and Republican ideologues claimed he should have done nothing and trusted to the Invisible Hand to do its magic. Now Republicans are happily increasing the debt by trillions, though many of the... more
    • Obama did not save the economy.... ~ TEXRA, Fri Dec 1 5:46am
      ...he hurt it. Stupid as shit DUMocrats like you know NOTHING about the economy. Obama held it back for 8 long, miserable years. ... you for being such a moron, Merlin.
    • He saved it from Himself ~ Ted, Thu Nov 30 9:43pm
      The poster child for strong arming bad loans. And he didnít really save anything he just paid off union thugs
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