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Bush started it! Obama only did what anyone had to do.
Fri Dec 1, 2017 7:24am

Give me enough money and I'll save or pump up every economy in the world.

Obama's leadership and policies are what kept us in an economic funk for the remaining 5-7 years after bailing out the financial sector. Things should has steadily got better under Obama a year or 2 after the bailout. They were stagnant his whole long tenure.

As soon as his tenure was over, business knew things would be getting better under Trump. Leadership is important. Obama led, but only down the path to overbearing government and its high costs. Business chugged along as it is wont to do, but now that things are looking up, business will hit its stride. As it is now doing.

  • that saved not only those banks but the entire banking system, and with it the financial system in general, the corporations and businesses that depend on a sound financial system, etc.
    • I personally agree with some of that ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Fri Dec 1 7:27am
      but not all of it. The Bank Bailouts went a bit too far (IMO, and opinion of many others), but getting the financial system back on solid footing was necessary. But, that is not really and Economic... more
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