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We used to bring that one up around here a lot.
Fri Dec 1, 2017 7:52am

LSMFT that is.

When there were several old timers working in my area.

Two of the 3 guys I hired retired on me. That's what I get for hiring old dudes. The first one that was with me retired after 13 years. He was 68 when he retired. The other one was 63 and was with me for 25 years. The younger one left for greener grass after 8 years.

Due to various changes in technology and the system in general, I'm somewhat downsized these days. Now all I have is 1 guy in his mid forties that I hired a year and a half ago. What a punk! He doesn't know a damned thing about the "good old days".

Now I'm the only old timer.

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