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KDM on the left coast
Speaking about "of the time"...
Fri Dec 1, 2017 8:57am

...I remember reading somewhere when the original Frankenstein movie was released with Boris Karloff as the monster....people were seen running out of theaters screaming!

  • At the time ~ shadow, Thu Nov 30 7:36pm
    Psycho was the scariest movie that had been made. I saw it in a premiere performance in Kansas City, sitting in the balcony with who knows how many other terrified teens and when they all screamed in ... more
    • I was young when i ~ Deplorable Otis , Fri Dec 1 10:22am
      saw The Mummy and remembering instructing my parents to leave a light on when I went to bed !
    • Speaking about "of the time"... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Dec 1 8:57am
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