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Very ancient lunar domes: Apollo pics!
Fri Dec 1, 2017 9:39am

I suppose it is human nature to self-exult rather than stand in humble contrition before a superior "dead/extinct" race of beings, beings who created structures so fantastically engineered as to make human engineering achievements puny to say the least. I refer to the very deteriorated "artifacts" of NASA images from the abandoned lunar Apollo Program (they went, they saw, they freaked out and fled). Our scale of engineering probabilities are so very stunted due to limitations, and guided by form following function as the criteria. On our earth we have a natural sustained atmosphere. Those who colonized the moon many many eons ago had to construct their life-support terrarium in the form of gargantuan domes. These domes were made of "glass." They covered a circular hole and the structures were miles high. Apollo revealed the fantastic truths to those in the public who enjoyably bothered to study the images. NASA remains silent. The brilliant reflective white chalky powdery streaks and blobs on the lunar surface are the remnants of the micro-meteoric-caused "melt" of the crystal material.....similar to a sugar cube left out in high humidity....slowly inexorably it dissolves into a collapsed white area. Most of the streaks on the lunar surface do not splay out from craters or center's of craters as would be if caused by meteoric impact. Rather these white "rays" span many hundreds of miles across the lunar surface. And many of the domes are collapsed into their footprints. A few are still standing in very deteriorated condition and are OBVIOUSLY domes. Enjoy the attached brief video. And please, suspend your programmed requirement that every utterance must be credentialed and "peer reviewed."

    • and just look a bit like domes. They are all just moon craters. Another example: Published image from NASA: Same image rotated 180 degrees now looks like dome: " width="60%" /> Actually, there really ... more
    • I've Already Been There With John Carter ~ Merlin, Fri Dec 1 10:15am
      That's me on the left, wondering why Carter had a Batman logo on his breastplate. Burroughs and Frazetta, a match made in Heaven. ;-)
      • Obviously you are brain noise! (nm) ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Fri Dec 1 1:41pm
        • The most boring poster on this board ~ shadow, Sat Dec 2 10:41am
          calls one of the most interesting ones 'brain noise'. You are so predictable, so obnoxious, so 'off the grid' in terms of humanity, and predictably the most egotistical. If I tweeted I'd just say,... more
          • Why is he or she so interesting? ~ PH🤓🤓EY, Sat Dec 2 11:22am
            Anyone can post articles by other writers and then leave a one liner at the end. At least I write my own commentary without using the BS propaganda by MSM rags. Your mind is clearly mundane.
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