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Brit Hume is a paid call girl.
Fri Dec 1, 2017 2:47pm

He is a known liar. Why would anyone use this well paid ho's word? All you know is what MSM tells you. You are directed into their version of what is likely an orchestrated agenda. I would take Flynn any day. He seems honorable. The contacts seem legit.

  • Brit Hume Says.... ~ Deanna, Fri Dec 1 2:37pm
    The lies Flynn now admits telling the FBI seem essentially the same as what he got fired for telling Mike Pence. Trump acknowledged the Flynn/Russia contacts involved in his news conference last Feb. ... more
    • Brit Hume is a paid call girl. ~ PH💰💰EY, Fri Dec 1 2:47pm
    • Flynn's Lies.....:) ~ Deanna, Fri Dec 1 2:46pm
      And the crazy Democrats think this will impeach Trump? LOLOLOL
      • YE too Brute. (nm) ~ clint (I), Fri Dec 1 3:18pm
      • Flynn's lies are problematic. A man of his position and experience knows better than to lie to the FBI unless the lie is about something illegal or politically fatal that is worth going to prison.
        • It's a witch hunt by Globalists. ~ PH👹👹EY, Fri Dec 1 4:12pm
          It is and has been since Trump gained the WH. The biggest mistake Trump made was letting go of General Flynn. But the real story is what the hell are all these generals doing. They have installed a... more
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