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Sat Dec 2, 2017 9:47am

Dan Bongino……12h
Only a liberal would believe that you could “collude” to win an election by initiating the collusion conspiracy after you won the election. #Idiots

Donald Trump, Jr…….5m
.@ABC retracts their misleading “bombshell” and removes their tweet approximately 12 hours after they knew it to be false. I know it’s rare for you guys to get more than 200 RTs so I guess you milk it when you can?!?! #fakenews

Donald J. Trump…..5h
Biggest Tax Bill and Tax Cuts in history just passed in the Senate. Now these great Republicans will be going for final passage. Thank you to House and Senate Republicans for your hard work and commitment!

Sarah Sanders……24m
Bill Clinton got one thing right: “it’s the economy stupid.” The story of the year is the booming Trump economy, which will soar to new heights if we seize this moment to cut taxes & create better jobs, higher wages, and greater prosperity for all.

Mark Pantano…..2h
To all you Leftists referring to the tax bill as #TaxScamBill, I have a simple solution...

Just send the money you will save to the federal government.

Problem solved.

Democrats For Trump……11h
"It is very, very important that whoever leaked Mike Flynn's name goes to jail."
- @RandPaul
Thank you Senator! The DOJ must find the leakers and #LockThemUp!
Ervy92xV_normal.jpg This Week

Thomas Paine……17h
If Flynn was part of a larger conspiracy he would have had to explain that in court and he would have been charged with related offeses instead of his much much lower offense. That's how I immediately knew ABC News story was bullshit. Tricks of trade

Why do liberals think working with Russia against ISIS is a bad thing? Do they support ISIS?

Jack Posoblec……1h
Can someone please explain why Flynn had to be asked to contact the Russians after the election if they had been colluding with the Russians the entire time?

Jack Posoblec….1h
Obama State Dept: We have no problem with General Flynn and the incoming administration contacting foreign officials

Nolte NC…….3h
Google: "Tapper, Lewinsky, Date, Chubby" Retweeted The Hill
Alaskans, including Native Alaskans, have wanted this for three decades.

Once again, it was fascist, white, Democrat do-gooders telling Native people what they can do with their own land.

This is long overdue.
The Hill‏Verified account
FollowingFollowing @thehill
Senate Republicans vote to allow oil drilling in Alaska's wildlife refuge for the first time:

Chuck Woolery……Nov 30
CONFIRMED: FBI Covered Up Secret Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting, Explosive Docs Found

Brit Hume…….12h
Brit Hume Retweeted Oliver Darcy
Boy, these people are s...l...o...w.
Brit Hume added,
Oliver Darcy
Verified account

Replying to @oliverdarcy
ABC News spox just emailed me: “We are changing clarification to correction and will correct it on air tomorrow”

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