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The most boring poster on this board
Sat Dec 2, 2017 10:41am

calls one of the most interesting ones 'brain noise'. You are so predictable, so obnoxious, so 'off the grid' in terms of humanity, and predictably the most egotistical. If I tweeted I'd just say, "Sad!".

  • Obviously you are brain noise! (nm) ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Fri Dec 1 1:41pm
    • The most boring poster on this board ~ shadow, Sat Dec 2 10:41am
      • Why is he or she so interesting? ~ PH🤓🤓EY, Sat Dec 2 11:22am
        Anyone can post articles by other writers and then leave a one liner at the end. At least I write my own commentary without using the BS propaganda by MSM rags. Your mind is clearly mundane.
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