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I'm lease, no more microwave radiation.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 11:04am

We are being cooked.

  • Good we can use the oil ~ Birdman, Sat Dec 2 10:11am
    I was up for two weeks many years ago to line up a microwave system. Itís a total wasteland, no elk, no walrus, no birds, no nothing for hundreds of miles. Never saw another living thing the whole... more
    • my friend ran the wildlife service ~ Trish, Sat Dec 2 11:12am
      in that area and I can tell you first hand that either you were in an area where animals do not wish to go, or you weren't looking in the right places. Saw a moose in their back yard nearly every... more
    • I'm lease, no more microwave radiation. ~ PH🌞🌞EY, Sat Dec 2 11:04am
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