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Mondo Fuego™
Yup ... and it's made of green cheese too.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 1:54pm


  • older than is the earth? A returned Apollo mission rock's age is estimated at 5.3 billion years. The regolith (soil) under that moon rock is estimated to be a billion years older than the rock. Go... more
    • Oldest rock 4,560 million years. is a cracpot website. Nearly every statement on it is false. The Oldest Lunar Rocks Apollo astronauts... more
      • It matters not: The ruins are still there. ~ PH🌔🌔EY, Sun Dec 3 10:47am
        I simply produced an article. The veracity does not mitigate the reality of lunar towers and dome. That is a separate issue, the age of lunar rocks. The towers and domes are in the images. Good luck... more
    • I can't help but wonder.... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Dec 2 3:26pm you actually believe all this stuff you post...or just "yanking our chain" to draw attention to yourself? In any event, I find myself busting out laughing after reading any number of your... more
      • Look, either the facts fit or they do not. ~ ph🤓🚀EY, Sat Dec 2 7:51pm
        Normally I eschew the parchment crowd, but if you are able to take issue with this person and the science, please do not be shy. Of course you will not because you cannot due to ignorant laziness.... more
        • your notions about the moon, phooey louie... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Dec 2 11:08pm
          ...are on par with a cross between Mad magazine and "Invaders from Mars". Understand the moon my ass. LOL
          • Only if your arse has pimples and carbuncles! ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Sun Dec 3 10:52am
            The images reveal domes and towers. If your ass looks like that, I feel sorry for you. Meanwhile you cannot erase the pics to satisfy your requirement to disbelieve what is obvious. Meanwhile go see... more
            • I have neither... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Dec 3 4:52pm
              ...but I have noticed that you have your head stuck in yours.
      • He did tell us he lives off the grid' ~ Shadow, Sat Dec 2 4:27pm
        just not how far off. :)
        • Off the grid is such a misnomer. ~ PH👀EY, Sun Dec 3 11:28am
          I know many who live off the grid. But they have all manner of solar power, battery storage. And many devices that are hooked in. Plumbing even! My lifestyle is far purer than that. Can you say... more
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