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clint (I)
LOL at the time you saw no problems.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 2:31pm

How fast we forget.

  • leftists' beliefs that everyone deserved to be able to buy a home whether they could afford it or not. The government coercing banks to provide the financing. The banks going hog wild loaning money... more
    • LOL at the time you saw no problems. ~ clint (I), Sat Dec 2 2:31pm
      • Dems on oversight committee refused to see... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Dec 2 3:47pm They are convicted of culpability by their OWN words! Dems like Meeks & Waters act as if mortgages should be handed out like Halloween candy without and... more
    • Bush and Reagan fault to ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Dec 1 5:49pm
      Reagan took everyones car and credit card interest deduction away. To keep the deduction people put their car loans and credit card loans on their home loan to keep a tax deduction. A 4 year car loan ... more
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