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BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No 5.5 billion year rocks.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 8:49pm

Oldest rock 4,560 million years. is a cracpot website. Nearly every statement on it is false.
The Oldest Lunar Rocks
Apollo astronauts recovered over 840 pounds of lunar rocks, and during the last 30 years, these have been carefully studied to find out which features came first, and the ancient history of the lunar surface including its formation. The table below shows the ages (in millions of years: Myr) of some of the mineral specimens determined by geologist using various radioisotope methods applied to the different rock samples.

Location Mission Rock Type Age (Myr)
Mare Tranquillitatis Apollo-11 Basalt 3,500
Oceanus Procellarum Apollo-12 Basalt 3,200
Fra Mauro Formation Apollo-14 Basalt 4,150
Fra Mauro Formation Apollo-14 Impact melts 3,850
Fra Mauro Formation Apollo-14 KREEP 4,420
Mare Imbrium Apollo-15 Basalt 3,250
Mare Imbrium Apollo-15 Anorthosite 4,090
Descartes Mountains Apollo-16 Breccia 3,980
Descartes Mountains Apollo-16 Basalt 3,790
Descartes Mountains Apollo-16 Anorthosite 4,470
Descartes Mountains Apollo-16 Plagioclase-old 4,560
Descartes Mountains Apollo-16 Plagioclase-young 4,290
Taurus-Littrow Mountains Apollo-17 Zircon-old 4,418
Taurus-Littrow Mountains Apollo-17 Zircon-Young 4,331
Taurus-Littrow Mountains Apollo-17 Basalt 3,750
Taurus-Littrow Mountains Apollo-17 Impact melts 3,900



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