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Those are not domes. The image has simply been rotated
Sat Dec 2, 2017 9:11pm

and just look a bit like domes. They are all just moon craters.

Another example:

Published image from NASA:

Same image rotated 180 degrees now looks like dome:

Actually, there really ARE some domes on the Moon, but they were caused by gas bubbles. The gas was most likely steam.


  • Very ancient lunar domes: Apollo pics! ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Fri Dec 1 9:39am
    I suppose it is human nature to self-exult rather than stand in humble contrition before a superior "dead/extinct" race of beings, beings who created structures so fantastically engineered as to make ... more
    • Those are not domes. The image has simply been rotated ~ DFM, Sat Dec 2 9:11pm
    • I've Already Been There With John Carter ~ Merlin, Fri Dec 1 10:15am
      That's me on the left, wondering why Carter had a Batman logo on his breastplate. Burroughs and Frazetta, a match made in Heaven. ;-)
      • Obviously you are brain noise! (nm) ~ PH🚀🚀EY, Fri Dec 1 1:41pm
        • The most boring poster on this board ~ shadow, Sat Dec 2 10:41am
          calls one of the most interesting ones 'brain noise'. You are so predictable, so obnoxious, so 'off the grid' in terms of humanity, and predictably the most egotistical. If I tweeted I'd just say,... more
          • Why is he or she so interesting? ~ PH🤓🤓EY, Sat Dec 2 11:22am
            Anyone can post articles by other writers and then leave a one liner at the end. At least I write my own commentary without using the BS propaganda by MSM rags. Your mind is clearly mundane.
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