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Same Old Jealousies of the Left.....:(
Sun Dec 3, 2017 9:27am

A very wealthy person in many instances......may be the poor person tomorrow....if, they have not invested wisely...... I am so very tired of Democrats (of whom some are the wealthiest people in the USA)....Bill Gates...Mark Zuckerberg.....being hypocrites......and demeaning those that may have a dime more than the next person!!!!

We all work very hard (in most cases) to make a living and it is a precarious thing to do.....I never have begrudged a person for their wealth.....more power to, they give one their own life....if, they have an open mind!!

Why be jealous of a persons success??? When it is an honest success in the most part?.......

Remember the middle class IS richer than the, the poor also should hate the middle class....per Democrat Instructioins....."always hate a person that makes a dime more than you!"......sad!!

  • When those Americans keeping more of their income are primarily the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.
    • Same Old Jealousies of the Left.....:( ~ Deanna, Sun Dec 3 9:27am
      • when the wealthy are looting at the expense of the middle class.
        • And Just How ~ Deanna, Sun Dec 3 10:19am
          IS that at the expense of the middle class (which, Obama did his best to destroy)
          • so that the Wealthy can keep more, that is the Wealthy looting at the Expense of the Middle Class.
            • Ummmmm ~ Deanna, Sun Dec 3 10:56am
              Did you miss that Obama nearly destroyed the middle class??? LOLOL....As, Trump IS returning the middle class to its once great status....with more jobs and better paying jobs.....JUST WATCH!!! :)
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