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Off the grid is such a misnomer.
Sun Dec 3, 2017 11:28am

I know many who live off the grid. But they have all manner of solar power, battery storage. And many devices that are hooked in. Plumbing even! My lifestyle is far purer than that. Can you say UNPLUGGED. I am truly off the grid. Not some pseudo-yuppie romantic "save the earth" BS. Oh why do I digress for your satisfaction? You are a million light years away from the concept of how to live beautifully without wired electricity or refrigerator or kitchen sink or flush toilet. My grandparents lived this lifestyle. Except they churned there own butter, farmed, and produced their own foods from the earth. I shop for food and send my laundry out. I suppose I ought to thank all you suckers for being out there to provide the support system that allows me the privilege of doing without.

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