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Your DUMocrat bias blinds you to the truth....
Sun Dec 3, 2017 12:38pm

Why don't you just go and ask Obama to let you kiss him on the lips and get it over with? It's what you really want.

  • and the Wealthy have been getting wealthier at the expense of the Middle Class. The economy has improved Vastly over the years since 2008...for Corporations and the Wealthy, but not the Middle Class. ... more
    • Simple republicans do not want a middle class ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 12:36pm
      Republicans do not want a middle class they also do not want a educated class. They want their slave labor back where you work for the company store
      • ....What I see is stupidass regulations on "global climate scamming", overwhelming regulations, and ineffective economic leadership by the federal government killing corporate investment in American... more
        • Okay. Then blame those entities! ~ PH👀EY, Sun Dec 3 4:45pm
          Cease attacking the people, Dems and Repubs. There is much more in common than not. Do not let these ruling clever creeps divide and conquer by way of their ownership of perspectives through... more
        • A uneducated worker workfor slave labor ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 1:06pm
          With too many middle class workers you do not have enough low wage earners to do the runt work. Do you understand now that's how you get jobs back in America low paying jobs
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