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Corroborative video proof of lunar dome support!
Sun Dec 3, 2017 2:21pm

Yeah, I kid you not. In reviewing the attached links I realized that the glass dome guy was referring to the support column holding up the huge glass structure. He nicely does close ups of the top of the dome and analyzes the top "cap."

Next I attach a link to another independent researcher who shows clearly a tower on the lunar surface. Yes, it's unbelievable how tall these things are. But let's not think in human scale. Suspend your limited inculcated parameters. Notice this tower seems to be missing it's dome now no longer attached (unless the glass is there but we see through it (think lunar transient phenomena (LTP)). Yet this tower has a "cap" that is eerily the same structure as in the above video. There is no doubt the tower is a genuine structure on the moon. One of many.

Finally, I attach a video that proves there are multiple towers, not just a fluke or glitch, but the factual accounting of at least six. Small wonder NASA could not risk sending astronauts back to the moon once it was realized how lucky they were in not striking into one of these potential obstacles. Some entity was on the lunar surface long before the advent of the puny puffed up egocentric human race of befuddled hubristic purveyors of vain glorious scientific "achievements." Small wonder NASA has yet to colonize....they pretend with public announcements every few years about how they are going back to colonize. It's merely a ruse because they are frightened!!

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