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Tell it like it is
1.5 trillion dollars cut from Medicare and medicaid
Sun Dec 3, 2017 2:57pm

Just like the rich take from the old and weak so they can have more than they need

    • Yep, but spread over a ten year period? ~ PH💀💰EY, Sun Dec 3 4:01pm
      I think that's right not that it is not a slow-kill operation to rob the people. One can be 90% sure the Repubs will pass this thievery. The Dems are quite happy, too. They can sit back and vote nay... more
      • New would pay for healthcare ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 4:11pm
        If $1 A gallon tax was put on fuel would that pay for health care for everyone. How much tax would be needed to be put on fuel to pay everyone's healtcare
        • We just had a big fuel and vehicle registration ~ PH💰💰EY, Sun Dec 3 4:41pm
          "Fee" increase in California. I prefer putting a tax on the fracking and oil extraction corporations. Much of the crud they sell goes up in smoke, heating the planet and causing health issues just by ... more
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