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Dark matter and dark energy do not exist.
Sun Dec 3, 2017 3:52pm

And how utterly fantastically idiotic is the "a string theory"? Can anyone believe this nonsense?! Yet, something as simple as not being the first sentient beings to colonize the earth, the moon, and the solar system is dismissed outright. Why is that, IN SPITE of the obvious evidence? Is this sad pitiful deeply buried mind-sump a product of being led into worship of official pronouncements? A mass conditioning by our educational "system" A nerd-herd mentality? Willful blindness because we believe God created us to stand upright and build structures of artificiality, but no other critters ever were around within the 4.6 billion years of our earth's books and busts? The more knowledge we gain the greater is the spread exponentially about what we do not know. Truly a vortex with no light at the end of the black hole. We put billions of dollars into the offering plates for the religion of science only to find out many discoveries are kept in secret, and abused for war and other nefarious endeavors.

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