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Yep, but spread over a ten year period?
Sun Dec 3, 2017 4:01pm

I think that's right not that it is not a slow-kill operation to rob the people. One can be 90% sure the Repubs will pass this thievery. The Dems are quite happy, too. They can sit back and vote nay knowing full well they are not in the majority. So politically safe. But were the Dems in the majority one best believe they too would pass legislation their rich sponsors want. We have no representation. The oligarchs do because they own Congress.

  • 1.5 trillion dollars cut from Medicare and medicaid ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 2:57pm
    Just like the rich take from the old and weak so they can have more than they need
    • Yep, but spread over a ten year period? ~ PH💀💰EY, Sun Dec 3 4:01pm
      • New would pay for healthcare ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 4:11pm
        If $1 A gallon tax was put on fuel would that pay for health care for everyone. How much tax would be needed to be put on fuel to pay everyone's healtcare
        • We just had a big fuel and vehicle registration ~ PH💰💰EY, Sun Dec 3 4:41pm
          "Fee" increase in California. I prefer putting a tax on the fracking and oil extraction corporations. Much of the crud they sell goes up in smoke, heating the planet and causing health issues just by ... more
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