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You go girl!!
Sun Dec 3, 2017 4:17pm

Tell him, the goof about real America where most people are barely scraping by....working full time, pay check to pay check. Oh this polical numbskull will tell you it's YOUR fault for failure to get straight As in high school. Had you done that, you would have a doctorate. And then you could receive government and corporate largesse to invent more crap. It's YOUR FAULT your IQ is not 190! It's your fault manufacturing jobs were segued out with the help of Congress. Oh, you failed to go back to school. Oh dear, and for what? going to robots? And to bright immigrants who work for less money. I worked for 43 years before retiring. Granted I have some other monies coming in. But I watch my SS being destroyed by inflation and the CPI SS Commission screwing over the retiree trust fund at 1.3% cost of living adjustment when inflation is officially st 3% and unofficially at 8 to 10%. One reason I refuse to join AARP is because the list of "benefits" they sell for all the banks through credit cards, etc., is the last benefit listed was 'lobbying Congress.' LOLS! They don't do shite, another entity in it for the money first. Indeed, they are embedded and broker "deals" that screw over the retirees. This is where we old folks are stuck today....looted for the rich by Congress. I feel your pain!

  • may you never need ~ Trish, Sun Dec 3 8:04am
    the money that this takes away from students, home owners, etc. let alone medical coverage. "loser" hum.. I have worked for over 30 years of my life. I paid my taxes including SSI, which has yet to... more
    • You go girl!! ~ PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Dec 3 4:17pm
      • sad part is ~ Trish, Mon Dec 4 6:33am
        I did get a 98.6 average in HS, 3.4 in College. I doubt I will ever be able to retire (I am glad you could!)) The reality is that it's my fault that my parents weren't rich enough to give me millions ... more
    • ....and to force us to let 50 year old pervs share the bathrooms with our granddaughters and to pass stupidass "global climate change laws" that drive our jobs overseas. You can feel free to kiss my... more
      • Free kisses? Hahaha.. ~ PH🤓🤓EY, Sun Dec 3 4:23pm
        You could not pay me enough to kiss your flabby ass. Especially one that has a Texass label. I do not like the immigration disaster anymore than you do. And let me know when your granddaughter... more
      • too tight ~ Trish, Sun Dec 3 11:16am
        and smarmy for me thanks anyway
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