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We just had a big fuel and vehicle registration
Sun Dec 3, 2017 4:41pm

"Fee" increase in California. I prefer putting a tax on the fracking and oil extraction corporations. Much of the crud they sell goes up in smoke, heating the planet and causing health issues just by breathing the air and drinking their polluted water. But I get your drift. I would like to see Medicare take over and guarantee reasonable health coverage. I do not think an 80 year old should receive a taxpayer-paid million dollar operation just to extend life by a few more years. We don't do it with a worn out is economically unsound.

  • New would pay for healthcare ~ Tell it like it is, Sun Dec 3 4:11pm
    If $1 A gallon tax was put on fuel would that pay for health care for everyone. How much tax would be needed to be put on fuel to pay everyone's healtcare
    • We just had a big fuel and vehicle registration ~ PH💰💰EY, Sun Dec 3 4:41pm
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