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Some facts about Hitler's service.
Sun Dec 3, 2017 5:33pm

His superiors considered him to be an idiot so far as understanding the battlefield situation. He could not handle the function of a rifleman.

Instead of having him fight, which he could not do, they made into a runner to carry dispatches from one unit to another. He was reckless but fearless & got the job done.

He was exposed to poison gas and the experience was so terrible that he later decided that Germany should NOT use it in WW2.

His bravery was noticed by his commanding lieutenant who recommended him for a medal. The Lieutenant was Jewish.


  • On the contrary. ~ Poppet, Sun Dec 3 12:28pm
    Hitler served in the military and was a decorated combat veteran.
    • Some facts about Hitler's service. ~ DFM, Sun Dec 3 5:33pm
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