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NASA's fascination with Mars crater.
Mon Dec 4, 2017 10:27am

What is it about craters on Mars that NASA plops the rovers into them? There is a rover in Gale Crater. And another will be plopped down into this same crater in 2020. What the hell is so fascinating? Yeah, I know.....searching for "microbes".....hahahaha... Dr.Levin already found microbes when Viking did the scoop of soil and proved it. You want to know the truth? NASA well knows Mars is a destroyed civilization. The planet is strewn with wrecked detritus from artificial origins. So much proof of this fact is evident in many of the Mars images in spite of the blurring, airbrushing, and pixel additions and removals. I have attached a link to a "flyover" of Heimlar crater. It repeats itself by imaging many of the same obvious signs of civilization from a variety of angles. Be patient, watch, pause, get out your magnifier, and ponder how this can be. Learn the facts held from the world. This crater is towards the north. There is frost and water ice on the surface. That indicates to me there was and probably is water there in quantity. Placing a city inside a crater makes sense. It's protected from the elements by being lower than the outside surface. Water flows downhill. Vegetation would be seasonal. Enjoy:

    • Wow, why do I bother? ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Dec 4 12:41pm
      They like to look at craters simply because the impact ejected most of the surface material, and they can get some clues about the underlying geology of the area. But hey, go with whatever fantasy... more
      • (Isn't he a hoot?) (nm) ~ Curmudgeon , Mon Dec 4 8:04pm
      • That's easy. You are boxed in. ~ PH🚀🌎EY, Mon Dec 4 2:18pm
        Here, I attach a video of what they are really after on Mars. Ruins. Civilization's detritus. On the moon, too. But the moon, while closer, is far more problematic due to seen and unseen objects... more
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