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That's easy. You are boxed in.
Mon Dec 4, 2017 2:18pm

Here, I attach a video of what they are really after on Mars. Ruins. Civilization's detritus. On the moon, too. But the moon, while closer, is far more problematic due to seen and unseen objects sticking up miles above the surface. 42 devices have been sent to Mars by a variety of nations. Gee, why would so many nations spend such monies on duplicating the same....looking at geology. It's info that can easily be shared No, you have been had. What they all want is a piece of the real action.....ruins and the embedded technologies that are rusting and rotting on and under the surface. Here you go, study this video. Exercise some patience. Don't throw out the entire info because one little comment by site host is not your thing. Observe the ruins. Use pause. Study it. Remove your blinders as to what was, or is, or can or cannot be. Enjoy:

  • Wow, why do I bother? ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Dec 4 12:41pm
    They like to look at craters simply because the impact ejected most of the surface material, and they can get some clues about the underlying geology of the area. But hey, go with whatever fantasy... more
    • That's easy. You are boxed in. ~ PH🚀🌎EY, Mon Dec 4 2:18pm
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