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Am posting the link up top here
Mon Dec 4, 2017 7:04pm

from my excellent post down below that was in response to the Frustrated one's usual programmed in-the-box thinking. The link is to a video that with out a doubt shows the evidence of major ruins. The vast majority do not realize the earth's moon and Mars are lost world's, long gone to extinction. Which explains why NASA and other space agencies around the world are most interested in the exploration. 42 Mars probes of various kinds and purposes have been sent there. Can anyone seriously believe the huge expense in monies is about finding a microbe? Hahaha. Or that these 42 endeavors are to study geology? Hahahahaaa. One nation could share the geology report. Big deal. So why the duplication? BECAUSE they all want the potential booty of what is on the surface, the ruins of a lost civilization. It's " gold." And the rush is on! Note in the linked video the narrator calls one's attention to both left and right sides in the landscape. Note how the image is lighter everywhere but where the "goodies" are....within the darkened portions. A less than curious glance, and our inculcated first-refusal to see anything out of the 'ordinary,' would cause the less initiated to miss a glaring truth. So enjoy the show. If you have a magnifier, I recommend it's use. Hit pause where so inclined (light up a joint) and BLOW YOUR MIND.

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