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If poor people had more money, they would buy more stuff,
Tue Dec 5, 2017 1:36am

and that would create more jobs.

    • utes, medical insurance and food --- There'd be NO Rap Stars. Can't make much caishe off yer customers stealing your "music".
    • But would they not be poor? ~ Sprout, Tue Dec 5 9:06am
      What is the goal of giving poor people money? Is it to stimulate the economy? Or is it to lift them out of poverty? If the REAL goal is to give SOMEONE ELSE a job, is giving money to the poor the... more
      • Thanks for the reply, ~ Ken C, Tue Dec 5 3:29pm
        Iím working now and donít have time for a long reply, but those are good questions for me to think about.
    • they would lower the cost of transportation, then people would save money on transportation, and they would use that money to buy other stuff and that would create other jobs.
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