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That isn't true....
Tue Dec 5, 2017 9:13am

With a true pure flat rate tax the ONLY people who pay nothing are those who actually make no income.

Of course no one really uses a PURE flat rate tax... Even proposed system still have some sort of standard deduction, so that the flat rate is only applied to income above a certain level.

If you make only 10K a year, yeah, you might pay no taxes... But we would have NOTHING like the current large percentage who pay nothing.

  • Looks pretty good ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Mon Dec 4 3:04pm
    My problem, as always, is with the large number that DON'T pay anything. And that isn't fixed with the flat tax. Everyone with any kind of income needs to pay something, even if it is very small.... more
    • That isn't true.... ~ Sprout, Tue Dec 5 9:13am
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