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Rich do NOT already pay plenty in taxes.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 9:47am

They pay at a LOWER RATE than the Middle Class due to tax breaks, deductions, credits, shelters, etc, etc.

I want them to pay the SAME as the rest of us. I want a FLAT RATE INCOME TAX with zero tax breaks.

This is not a "Soak the Rich" plan, this is just a plan to make the rich pay their fair share.


  • parts, building and assembly, maintenance, crews, and regular servicing. All create and maintain jobs in the United States. The rich already pay plenty in taxes. You're not going to fall for a Pokey... more
    • Rich do NOT already pay plenty in taxes. ~ DFM, Tue Dec 5 9:47am
      • The Tax Foundation folks disagree. ~ Curmudgeon , Tue Dec 5 10:00am
        "The bottom 50 percent of taxpayers (taxpayers with AGIs below $38,173) faced an average income tax rate of 3.45 percent. As household income increases, the IRS data shows that average income tax... more
        • I call HOAX, and here is why. ~ DFM, Tue Dec 5 11:03am
          The "Adjusted Gross Income" is the very problem. These "adjustments" are tax breaks. I want a tax on the UNADJUSTED gross income. DFM
    • trump still hires ~ Trish, Mon Dec 4 4:34pm
      from outside the US. As for those Yachts, mansions and private jets - how many people do these SPECIFIC industries really employ and for how long?
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