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The Tax Foundation folks disagree.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:00am

"The bottom 50 percent of taxpayers (taxpayers with AGIs below $38,173) faced an average income tax rate of 3.45 percent. As household income increases, the IRS data shows that average income tax rates rise. For example, taxpayers with AGIs between the 10th and 5th percentile ($133,445 and $188,996) pay an average rate of 13.7 percent almost four times the rate paid by those in the bottom 50 percent.

"The top 1 percent of taxpayers (AGI of $465,626 and above) paid the highest effective income tax rate, at 27.2 percent, 7.9 times the rate faced by the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers."

  • They pay at a LOWER RATE than the Middle Class due to tax breaks, deductions, credits, shelters, etc, etc. I want them to pay the SAME as the rest of us. I want a FLAT RATE INCOME TAX with zero tax... more
    • The Tax Foundation folks disagree. ~ Curmudgeon , Tue Dec 5 10:00am
      • I call HOAX, and here is why. ~ DFM, Tue Dec 5 11:03am
        The "Adjusted Gross Income" is the very problem. These "adjustments" are tax breaks. I want a tax on the UNADJUSTED gross income. DFM
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