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"True color" of Mars
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:28am

I bet y'all think MARS is red. Hahahahaha. No, MARS is NOT red. And not dead, too. NASA has made deliberate effort to confuse the public. True color, false color, the agency uses language straight out of 1984. What was once their red planet PR ruse has been exposed. MARS is earth-like in color, minus the oceans, and has a atmosphere, blue sky, clouds, rain, snow, and much of the landmass not seasonally green is a butterscotch color. The first short video attached is a study in Orwellian double-speak with attendant images to demonstrate that with NASA true is false and false is true. Notice too the first image and how blurry it is.....obviously done to hide artifacts. Yeah, sure, high resolution images my arse. But the narrator clears up the color confusion if not the NASA photo tampering. The second atached video is very short. It shows a video camera entering and recording within the office of a former head of the NASA agency. There he is at his desk. His monitors are on. He is intensely glued to his computer screen. Next to him are two monitor feeds from MARS. Go take a look.

    • You are WRONG, as usual. ~ DFM, Tue Dec 5 11:45am
      It is easy to see the TRUE COLOR of Mars without relying on NASA. Just buy an amateur telescope. You will INSTANTLY see that it is a rusty red color for the simple reason that the surface is covered... more
        • Know he does not know that. ~ PH🐀🐀EY, Tue Dec 5 2:40pm
          You are out of synch. Do you know anything about this issue? No. Why? Because you have a narrow mind. I seriously doubt if you have even considered Mars as a living planet. Nor cared one way or the... more
      • Clearly, you are incorrect and ~ PH🚀🤓😂EY, Tue Dec 5 12:34pm
        choose fraudulent images. I have seen many MARS images from amateur 10" scopes. They are bright and beautiful, not the doo doo colors you seem to like. Regarding the southern pole at the top, that is ... more
      • Oh man, have you ever been duped... ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Tue Dec 5 11:54am
        The alt-NASA, the one that is doing all the other programs that us dolts are unaware of, has co-opted the entire telescope industry for many decades. They have made sure that every telescope built in ... more
        • Duped? No, you have been fooled. ~ PH🚀👹EY, Tue Dec 5 12:43pm
          I spend time researching and find great big holes in the reality NASA produces for your consumption. And you fall for the phony blurred non high resolution images. You take their word for what is... more
        • You got it! ~ shadow, Tue Dec 5 12:04pm
          Finally! :)
        • LOL! So long! ;o) (nm) ~ TW, Tue Dec 5 12:02pm
          • "So long" what? ~ PH🌔🌔EY, Tue Dec 5 4:44pm
            I have proven the assertion. See my post up board top. The vids are short. Do some RESEARCH and join the real world.
    • Honest injun, this link will work. ~ PH🚀🤓EY, Tue Dec 5 11:20am Notice too the NASA Director's screen, while showing Mar's true colors, the view of what is in the crater has been blurred out to hide artifacts. One would... more
    • Correction on first video link: ~ PH🤓🚀EY, Tue Dec 5 11:08am Actually this the the NASA agency director's video showing his monitors. I reversed the two links. Oops!
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