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Tell it like it is
Almost as much as one Trump golf game
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:34am

I never hear these people talk about how much it cost the tax payers for Trumps golf games most every weekend

  • Mueller's Russia Probe Cost $3.2 Mill ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 10:16am
    in his first 4.5 months of exploration......Isn't that rather wasteful?? LOL...I am sure the lefties will be screaming about, they always have....those are some mighty expensive lawyers... more
    • Peanuts compared to what the Reps ~ clint (I), Tue Dec 5 12:07pm
      spent going after the Clintons
      • NOT! ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:28pm
        I bet skanky Clinton's review did not even begin to match that figure within 4 months......Gotta keep those left wing lawyers pockets full of cash....don't you? LOL
    • Almost as much as one Trump golf game ~ Tell it like it is, Tue Dec 5 10:34am
      • LOL You Must Be A Democrat ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 10:53am
        and not a very smart one at that......GEESH!! You prove a Democrat cannot add 2 + 2.....and that Obama nearly bankrupted the USA with he and Michelles lavish vacations every 3 months, was it?? LOLOL
    • URL.... ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 10:17am
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