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Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:46am

Dan Bongino………17h
Let me get this straight, a subordinate sends out a mistaken tweet & Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice but Hillary uses “bleachbit” to erase 33k pieces of email evidence held on an unauthorized private server & that’s A-Okay?

The Hill……38m
#BREAKING: Dem lawmaker says he'll force House vote on impeachment Wednesday

Laura Ingraham……3h
If one of the lead investigators in the Clinton email case had sent pro-Trump texts to colleagues, Schumer & Co. wd demand it all be shut down.

Bill O’Reilly……16h
Here’s the Tip of the Day: no longer can Americans expect truth-telling. Be very skeptical about what you hear, read, and even when speaking with neighbors. False witness has overwhelmed honesty.

Chuck Ross…….13h
NEW: Embattled FBI supervisor Peter Strzok also conducted the interviews with Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, in which they falsely claimed they didn't know about Hillary's email server when she was Secretary of State. … @dailycaller

Ben Shapiro……18h
So the same anti-Trump agent (1) signed the opening of the Russia investigation; (2) changed the language on Comey’s Hillary investigation to avoid her criminality; (3) interviewed Flynn? Is this possibly right?!

The Vice President….@MikePenceVP…….9h
FBI supervisor Peter Strzok softened the statements about Hillary to avoid legal implications, interviewed Huma and Cheryl Mills with no repercussions, and signed off on the Trump/Russia investigation before being fired for anti-Trump bias.


Drudge Report…..23m
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Monica Crowley……..3h
Monica Crowley Retweeted Chuck Ross
It was only a matter of time before Huma and Mills popped up in this sordid, unfolding tale
Monica Crowley added,
Chuck Ross

NEW: Embattled FBI supervisor Peter Strzok also conducted the interviews with Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, in which they falsely claimed they didn't know about Hillary's email server when she was Secretary of State. … @dailycaller

Brit Hume……15h
Brit Hume Retweeted Chad Pergram
This is hysteria.
Brit Hume added,
Chad Pergram
Verified account

Pelosi describes GOP tax bill as “the end of the world. This is Armageddon”

Donald Trump, Jr…….1h
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Chris Hayes
I agree with this fully. Main Stream Media has done exactly that for decades but the people have finally caught on and aren't buying the BS anymore.
Donald Trump Jr. added,
Chris Hayes
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The entire culture and our politics are now dominated by people who have weaponized bad faith and shamelessness.

    • Embattled FBI supervisor Peter Strzok (nm) ~ Merlin, Tue Dec 5 11:00am
      • Much Ado, But Is It Fake Ado? ~ Merlin, Tue Dec 5 11:06am
        I would think that every man and woman in the FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice, the Courts, Police, etc. has political inclinations one way or another. Trump sounds as if he will be happy with no one else... more
        • I might also remind you ... ~ TW, Tue Dec 5 2:10pm
          If it's not prudent for the highest official over the U.S. Justice department to shoot off his mouth, then it's not good for the lesser officials to engage in such behavior either. ;o)... more
          • to spend the rest of his career playing solitaire. Not for being a Hillaryist, but for being stupid enough to chatter on government telecommunications. May have just as well have tweeted Trump... more
        • lost the character required to perform tasks that require us to put our prejudices aside. I'd like to think at one time we had people capable of placing duty and honor over their personal feelings. I ... more
          • What Real Choice Did We Ever Have ~ Merlin, Tue Dec 5 11:54am
            but to give them the watchers the benefit of the doubt, but watch them but verify...and if evidence is found of their personal feelings tainting their execution of their duties... more
            • Ummmmm ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:23pm
              Trump employs many Mexicans....and as far as I know he is not prejudiced against honest, law-abiding fact, I know he isn''ve swallowed whole a left wing... more
              • so why not employ ~ Trish, Tue Dec 5 12:44pm
                Americans? Just sayin
                • Many of them don't like to work, ~ shadow, Tue Dec 5 12:49pm
                  have an attitude and feel entitled. Mexicans, otoh, are often happy to work, do it well, and are cheerful. The best service we get in our SoCal town is from Mexican Americans and perhaps Mexican... more
                  • Very True and Exact!! ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 1:09pm
                    When we first moved to Glenwood Springs, 1984...there were very very few Mexican families in the area....Glenwood Springs is 40 miles north of Aspen and in the winter time the only way... more
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